Young Machinists Attend Montreal Transport Conference

October 1, 2012

The International Transport Workers Federation’s (ITF) Youth Conference was held in Montreal, Canada last week exclusively for young transport workers. Attendees included youth activists from 54 ITF affiliate unions from 28 countries, including IAM Transportation members.

The conference explored strategies to build and mobilize international solidarity in the global transport sector. Youth activists also grappled with complex issues such as the global economic crisis, climate change and the persistent problem of insecure employment.

“It is vital that we engage young IAM members and access their incredible energy and knowledge in the global, as well as local arena,” said Transportation GVP and chairman of the ITF’s Civil Aviation Section Committee Sito Pantoja. “We must cultivate our Young Machinists to be the labor leaders of tomorrow.”

The IAM is one of the largest affiliate unions in the ITF.

For more information visit the IAM website.

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