Young Indian railway leaders: strategy for growth

December 12, 2016

Starting today, around 30 young men and women leaders from throughout the Indian railways come together in Mumbai to develop strategies to grow their unions. For the first time junior and senior leaders join the same workshop, so that they can benefit from each others experience.


Mumbai, young transport workers workshop

Faced by challenges such as privatisation and fragmentation of the Indian railway system brought along by the Modi government, young activists compare notes from across this vast country and discuss how to overcome challenges.

On the request of the AIRF federation’s leadership, Com Shiva Gopal Mishra, the ITF young transport workers team has made this training possible: Youth is making about 35% of the labour force in railways and this figure is growing. Thus, leadership wants to develop and train young leaders in the different zones the network is structured in.

The workshop will end tomorrow and will have agreed action points to implement for growth.

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