Trade union programme of NRMU, New Delhi

June 3, 2016

The first zonal youth conference took place at Hardwar on 26­27 December 2015 and the aim was to create a youth committee that could organise and mobilise youth at workplaces. After 4 months the committee of 9 Divisional Convenors and 121 youth Branch Convenors was being elected and established.

On 17-­18 May 2016 a two days workshop was conducted by the ITF and NRMU to evaluate and improve their knowledge, skills and the work within the union. There were 31 participants, 9 Divisional Convenors and 12 women along branch Convenors.Delhi

The workshop was inaugurated by NRMU President Mr. S.K. Tyagi who asked young workers to get active and take their responsibilities.

G.S AIRF/NRMU has given tremendous support to the youths and the formation of the committee’s at branch and divisional level and emphasised on the challenges faced by youth workers.

Ms. Nishi Kapahi conducted the workshop and run education sessions about the challenges, networking and organising.
Preeti Singh and Seema Kahar shared their experiences and stories about youth work with the participants.

Report by Preeti Singh, 
zonal youth coordinator AIRF/NRMU.


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