Report of the 2012 MUA national conference

March 7, 2012

Please find below a report of the 2012 MUA National Conference by George Gakis.

2012 National Conference, started with the Youth, Women and Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island gathering on the Sunday. These items were run and operated by the Members each having a panel of there own. The panels went ahead and discussed what main issues affect them.

From the Youth we took it and ran with the Training and Education being the main issue in our agenda. So the youth of WA put forward a heap resolutions which all passed and the members showed there support at the conference. The resolution that is most noble (coming from the Youth), was holding a Tas Bull fund raiser every year run by the youth. So we have a bit of organizing to do. The MUA Youth, Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders, Women and Veterans have quite a bit of work to do as our next conference will be held here in the west run by the members of this union.

As the week progressed it was becoming harder to pull myself out of bed, but im proud to say i was there every morning on time and as loud as always! So we heard many speakers from around the country and around the world. The most memorable moment was the rally in support of our dutch comrades. Chanting Put The Money Back! down the streets of Sydney marching into the wrong building….hahaha. But we got it right in the end! But not to forget the speakers from the ILWU and the Norwegian Seafarers Union, of course many more were there. 

Untimely it was a great week in Sydney meeting many other great Unionists and i look forward to the next one in 4 years time.


George Gakis

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