MTCPWU Young workers’ activities 2015

March 2, 2016

RagchaaRagchaa Bayaraa, is the President of Mongolian Transport, Communication & Petroleum Workers’ Union (MTCPWU) and ITF Young Workers’ Committee Representative of Asia Pacific. Ragchaa has been involved in the ITF Young Workers’ initiative from the beginning; as it was MTCPWU that kick started the ITF activities towards young workers with their proposal at the ITF Durban Congress, 2006.

Below, he briefly outlines some of the activities of MTCPWU Young workers committee in 2015.

R Bayaraa;These are the activities we have done in 2015 in our country about promotion of youth participation within the trade union activities. I am ready to contribute further in the ITF YTWN activities in the future and I will be available.”

International Labour Day


MTCPWU Youth committees  organize Youth Festival on May 01 in conjunction with International Labour Day. Around 500 young workers and youth committee members gathered and had discussions on Youth employment and unemployment, minimum wage, decent work and other social issues for youth.

Regional Trainings

Youth Committee also organized two regional training activities in February and November in the northern and the southern regions. The subjects covered included basic trade unionism, youth participation, work security and importance of collective bargaining.

Youth Sports

Every year our Youth Committee organizes YOUTH SPORT CUP among youth committees of our affiliated trade unions and this year’s event was held in October, 2015.

MTCPWU Youth Committee Blog; Click the link to check out some old activities photos of MTCPWU Youth Committee and also their Terms of reference for Youth committee members;


We also organized a donation campaign “1 young member 1000 MNT” ($0.50 USD) to support to Sis. Buzmaa, a young trade union activist who is suffering with blood cancer.


AsiaMongolia is land locked country surrounded by two giants, Russia to the North and China to the south. It is 19th largest country in the world but very sparsely populated with about 3 million people. Many people are still in the rural or informal economy but about 45% of population live in the Capital city Ulan Bator.

mongolian busEconomy, the country is currently going through a down turn with drop in commodity price of its main exports of raw minerals. These are putting strains on government budget and have knock on effect on the many public sector jobs that include transport workers and members of MTCPWU.

Public transportation workers to demonstrate 


Call to all members of the ITF young workers network: please send us your stories, share your campaigns and tell us about your activism.

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