First Youth Seminar Of The European Transport Workers’ Federation

May 4, 2011

The ETF’s first youth seminar is being held at the Tryp de Atocha Hotel in Madrid on 5-6 May. The seminar will be the first of a series of ETF meetings between now and September that will conclude with the First ETF Young Transport Workers’ Conference in September 2011.

It has been organised by the informal executive committee appointed last year in Brussels and of which the federation’s youth department forms part.

The meeting will be attended by young European transport workers from 21 countries. Among the main issues on the agenda will be the challenges facing international trade unionism; trade union attitudes to young workers; and the relationship between the generations in a context in which new forms of communication are opening up new forms of democracy and organisational needs within the trade union movement. The meeting will also discuss good practices on union recruitment of young members. The objective is to formulate an action plan relevant to the needs of young workers and that will promote the participation of European youth. The seminar, which forms part of the Transunion project called Transport Trade Unions Preparing Change – for a Fair and Sustainable Transport Sector, aims to reach some initial conclusions that will help us organise young workers within the ETF.

Experts from Croatia, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Norway will make presentations on good practice at the seminar.

The seminar will be formally opened by the FSC General Secretary, Enrique Fossoul, the ETF General Secretary, Eduardo Chagas and the TCM-UGT Equality Officer, Elena Rodríguez.

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