DHL COLOMBIA – JULY 2015 (part 1)

CONTRA LA POLITICA ANTISINDICAL Y DE DESPIDOS La Juventud ITF Américas se dirigió a reunirse con los Directivos del Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores del Transporte (SNTT) en la ciudad de Bogotá, donde el Directivo Nacional Esteban Barboza, recibió a la Juventud. En las reuniones que se llevaron a cabo se trato específicamente la Campaña DHL […]

September 2, 2015

MUA Youth create awareness on Youth unemployment and migrant workers’ right

“Ready to Work Now!” The campaign is called “ready to work now” and is designed to create awareness about the high rate of youth unemployment in Australia. The campaign and action was co-ordinated by the Western Australia branch youth movement with the support of our rank and file and interstate members. Companies are exploiting overseas […]

July 6, 2015

ITF launches powerful new resource for organising precarious workers

The ITF launched a new guide on 9 January 2014 to help unions reach out to informal workers. Organising precarious transport workers, available in English, Arabic, French, German and Spanish, defines and contextualises precarious work. The guide accompanies the ITF organising manual, which is also available on the ITF website. Precarious jobs are posts where […]

January 10, 2014