REPORT: IndustriALL youth projects in Latin America

IndustriALL is a Global Union representing 50 million workers in 140 countries in the mining, energy and manufacturing sectors. This is an interesting article on their website; that is relevant to you, ITF Young Workers. The article is a summary of their two youth projects; IndustiALL – FES and IndustriALL – SASK. The projects promote greater […]

January 15, 2016

DHL COLOMBIA – JULY 2015 (part 1)

CONTRA LA POLITICA ANTISINDICAL Y DE DESPIDOS La Juventud ITF Américas se dirigió a reunirse con los Directivos del Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores del Transporte (SNTT) en la ciudad de Bogotá, donde el Directivo Nacional Esteban Barboza, recibió a la Juventud. En las reuniones que se llevaron a cabo se trato específicamente la Campaña DHL […]

September 2, 2015

Building from the bottom up and solidarity is key, says first regional conference for young transport workers

  Building structures, making links and setting the agenda for young transport workers in Latin America and the Caribbean were top issues for debate – as was building a solidarity network across the Americas. Emiliano Addisi, member of the ITF young workers’ committee representing Latin America and the Caribbean welcomed delegates to the first youth […]

November 5, 2013

ITF to warn LATAM unions over Chile national airline sackings

The ITF has expressed its condemnation of dismissals at Chile national airline LAN, which merged with Brazilian TAM Airlines in December 2011 to form LATAM Airlines Group (LATAM). In a letter to LAN senior vice president human resources Emilio del Real Soto, ITF civil aviation secretary Gabriel Mocho urges the company to reinstate the workers immediately […]

April 8, 2013

ITF advierte a los sindicatos LATAM sobre despidos en línea aérea de Chile

La ITF ha expresado en el día de hoy (4 de abril) su condena a los despidos en la aerolínea Chilena LAN, que se fusionó con TAM Airlines de Brasil en diciembre de 2011 para formar LATAM Airlines Group (LATAM). En una carta al Vicepresidente de Personas de LAN Emilio Soto del Real, el Secretario […]

April 4, 2013

Young Workers in Colombia highlight labour rights

The SNTT Executive Board, Colombia organised a seminar for Women and Young transport workers in Medellin, to highlight labour rights and freedom of association, with the support of the ITF and the National Trade Union School (ENS). 36 workers and officers from 10 branches attended the seminar where the presence of 17 workers under 35 years old, 5 […]

February 20, 2013

Reaching out to Argentinean Young Workers

 A four-strong team of Argentinean Trade Unionists attended the Young Transport Workers’ Committee meeting held in London in 2010.  They have uploaded some pictures of their activities to the ‘Juventud Itf’ page on facebook. In Buenos Aires, they paid a visit to the ITF’s Railway Drivers’ affiliate “La Fraternidad” to show how the ITF […]

January 26, 2011

Strengthening CUT-A Youth leadership in Paraguay

28 young leaders representing USTT unions from the CUT-A youth development held a capacity building workshop on 7-9 August in Paraguay. Their objectives were : to strengthen CUT-A youth leaders’ capacity to analyse and discuss the Social Forum of the Americas. to incorporate a continental, regional and local perspective into the analysis that young people […]

August 31, 2010

Young workers on the agenda in Curitiba

The ITF is keeping young workers in focus by putting us on the agenda at the upcoming Rail conference in Curitiba, Brazil: Following the discussions at the recent ITF Executive Board meeting, we are submitting a motion to the forthcoming ITF Railway Workers’ Section Conference on 10 – 12 December 2008. The motion has now […]

November 5, 2008