Commitment to youth participation marks end of ITF summer school

The ITF summer school for young activists, which started on Monday 24 June, ends today in the USA. The week-long event provides an opportunity for young activists to get together, network, and develop skills in international campaigns and solidarity. Now in its fourteenth year, the school has reached over 500 participants from all transport sectors […]

June 28, 2013

Organising strategy is the main discussion for day 3 of the summer school

The morning of the summer school heard a presentation on the overview of organising steps to strengthen strategic campaigns.  The group debated the obstacles faced when trying to organise workers, along with the different ways in which to overcome these obstacles. There was an overview of the ITF Organising Manual which is a tool to […]

June 27, 2013

Precarious work is the focus for the 2nd day of the summer school

It was a full agenda today, the second day of the young transport workers summer school, at the William W Winpisinger Education & Technology Center in Washington. The main focus of the day was precarious work and the participants welcomed a session by Dave Spooner.  Group activities included discussions on key changes in work in the transport industry, […]

June 26, 2013

Political, economic and environmental crisis is the focus for day 1 of the summer school

The ITF young transport workers summer school got underway today and the main focus was the political, economic and environmental crisis. The 40 activists from 24 countries received a presentation from Jim Stanford.  Discussions during the day included the changes that are taking place in society and the global economy. See what Jim has to say […]

June 24, 2013

ITF Young workers summer school, 24-28 June 2013

Education for organising and activism Washington This year’s ITF summer school is the second to be specifically aimed at young workers.  The ITF summer school has been running for 14 years and plays an important role in strengthening the international perspective of union leaders and activists. The summer school will cover issues of: Organising and […]

January 15, 2013