Asia Pacific young workers get connected

June 15, 2016

Young transport workers from ITF unions in Asia Pacific have been learning how to build a network of activists and young leaders so they can play a powerful role in campaigning and organising to win a better deal for working people.


Terence Tan, from the Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union, who attended the workshop, said:

“The 3 days’ workshop is definitely an eye opener for me and many young activists from the Asia Pacific region. Many companies are looking for workers with overseas’ experiences to contribute. Such a workshop is essential as it provides a platform for us to learn, broaden our perspectives and share our ideas on engaging youths in our own countries. Today’s youth are facing much more challenges as the working society evolves much faster than before. Therefore, it is important to prepare ourselves for the challenges ahead.”

Read this news article to find out more about the workshop.

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