Youth conference begins in the Arab World

March 27, 2012

 Today is the start of this year’s first conference of young transport workers, and 31 delegates from eleven countries of the Arab World, from Jordan, Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain, Algeria, Kuwait, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine meet in Amman (Jordan). Representatives come from all sections of the ITF and have a strong women’s participation. The two-day network meeting will assess the achievements of this work so far and develop strategies of how to tackle issues facing the transport industry in general and of young activists in particular. The focus will be on both the global arena and the specific needs of this dynamic region. The creation of a regional youth committee is also on the agenda for the second day.

Bilal Malkawi, ITF Regional Secretary for the Arab World, says: “This is the first meeting of young transport workers in 2012, and we are very happy to host it in a part of the world which has recently seen both trade union oppression and fight-back and major changes towards democracy. Our colleagues here are not the future of our movement, they are the present.”

Ingo Marowsky. ITF Youth Officer, adds: “the power in the room is just an amazing buzz. It is breathtaking to feel the energy of our activists many of which were part of those changes Bilal just mentioned and are developing their unions and are ready to build new independent free unions, where they are needed.”

3 Responses to “Youth conference begins in the Arab World”

  1. Vusi says:

    Forward with the Youth Agenda, Forward!!!


  2. Ahmed says:

    It’s amazing to be part of this group a will as the participation on an active group would be my plessure to be part of youth ITF orginaozation as much as we act in real union fights against unfair lows which is kept to make us suffer my point is respect to all labour

  3. Haitham says:

    ما شاء الله خيرة شباب العرب اجتمعوا و اتمنى ان يتم التواصل المستمر بين الشباب لأكتساب خبرات و مهارات من الاتحاد الدولى لعمال النقل و خصوصا العاملين بالمنظمة بمكتب الاردن ( العالم العربي )

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