Youth to Youth – October 2013

Youth to Youth is the Asia Pacific news bulletin for young members in the region. It is published every two months by the Public Services International Asia Pacific Regional Organisation (PSI-APRO). Should you wish to contribute to this bulletin or news subscription, please contact: You can find the October edition of the bulletin here.

October 29, 2013

Young dockers in Belgium have their say!

Young dockers in Belgium have been talking about their big issues and how they see the union movement moving forward during their BTB board meeting. 14 young workers who are members of the board were there-their jobs range from container tally clerks to lashers to straddle-carrier drivers. The Belgian union is keen to raise awareness […]

October 28, 2013

Youth Committee formed at the ETF Transunion Youth Conference

On the second and last day of the ETF’s “Transunion” conference in Zagreb, young delegates from 27 countries focussed on discussing challenges to the labour movement in this region. As do other regions of the world, Europe also continues to experience the impact of the financial crisis and austerity measures imposed by financial institutions, governments, […]

October 15, 2013

‘Generation Hopeless’ not hopeless at all!

On the first day of its deliberation, the ETF young transport workers conference analysed four areas of work.  In view of the crisis in the European labour markets and the super high employment in their age bracket, a discussion paper referred to them as “generation hopeless”.  Very soon the action plan the conference developed showed […]

October 14, 2013

Young Transport Workers from Europe tie into Global Movement

The city of Zagreb, Croatia braces itself for a landmark event this week, as young European transport workers come together to form alliances across the lands.  The global financial crisis has hit Europe as hard as other regions, and the continent’s youth is amongst its most beaten victims. Developing strategies to counterbalance this will be […]

The future – MUA youth proved great ambassadors at ILWU conference

Three of MUA’s best and brightest young people headed to Vancouver in Canada’s British Colombia to gain a better understanding the issues facing the union’s youth in an international context. Late last month, Queensland Organiser Jason Miners led the delegation of Sarah Maguire and Luke Murray from the MUA Youth Committee. The trio spent three […]

October 7, 2013