ITF Global HIV/AIDS E-Bulletin, issue 115 & 116

Please find attached below the latest issues of the project E-bulletin. Issue number 115 will look at a report on a “Organising and VCT campaign”  organised by the ITF affiliated union in Togo; a report on the launch of new AIDS strategy of the UNESCO. The report will also highlight a report on the recently concluded seafarers centre […]

November 25, 2011

The Lost Generation-Youth Unemployment in Asia and the Pacific

The Asia-Pacific Youth Employment Network had their second radio show discussion on “The Lost Generation-Youth Unemployment in Asia and the Pacific”.  The podcast can be found here. For this second programme the expert panel in the APYouthNet studio were: Mr Habib Millwala, a labour economist; Ms Fai Lamubol, a recent graduate from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand; and Mr Matthieu […]

November 24, 2011

ETF discusses ways to safeguard workers’ rights in European Transport

An ETF meeting held in Brussels on 10th November, where the revision of the working time directive and the White Paper on Transport were discussed. These form the basis of negotiations between the ETUC and the European Commission. The original draft of the White Paper on Transport contains neo-liberal proposals detrimental to workers in the […]

November 17, 2011

Successful youth conference in Norway

Industri Energi, Norway,  held their youth conference over the weekend of 12-13 Nov.  The conference took place in the small Norwegian town called Hell.  220 participants took part, all had booked their place and made the conference full by August ! They discussed Fascism in our time, temporary work agencies and international solidarity. Paul McAleer, co-chair of […]

Young Mariners’ Networking Event – 29 October 2011.

  The 9th  SMOU Young Mariners’ Networking Event took place on 29 October in Singapore.  60 youths were gathered for a talk, a session of meeting up with friends, a chance to talk to industry professionals and a time of scaring each other at the Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Night. To see more pictures please visit the […]

November 1, 2011

V Skilagyi speaks about encouraging young workers into the railway section

Please see attachment below which is an interview with Veronika Szilagyi, ITF Railway Workers’ Section Young Workers’ Representative regarding women and young workers in the railways section. veronika

October 31, 2011

ITF Global HIV/AIDS project E bulletin, issue 114

Here is the latest issue of the project E-bulletin. This issue will look at a report on the launching of the ITF’s World AIDS day campaign; a report on new ITF documentary which have received award in Delhi Development film festival. The issue will also highlight the release of 2010 Global Tuberculosis control report. Bulletin 114

October 27, 2011

Asia Pacific Youth Network Podcast #1 – Jobs of the Future

In this first APYouthNet (Asia-Pacific Youth Employment Network) discussion podcast, APYouthNet members and panelists discussed the topic of “Jobs of the Future – Emerging Trends in Youth Employment in Asia-Pacific” with the APYouthNet community. For this first programme the expert panel in the APYouthNet studio were: Mr Deibel Effendi from the Indonesian Ministry of Youth […]

October 26, 2011

CAW Youth Discuss the Economy

Around 100 young workers from across Canada met in September to attend the Canadian Auto Workers Youth Conference.  The conference theme was Where’s Our Recovery? Young Worker Dialogues, Responses and Actions in response to the current economic climate and government response.  The conference was surrounding the topic of the impact of Canada’s economic crisis on […]

October 24, 2011

NNSW Takes Solidarity Action with ILWU

On Friday 21 October a group of Young MUA Members from Newcastle took action at Newcastle Port. The group held a protest at the STX Jasmine in solidarity with the ILWU Longview Lockout. The STX Jasmine is a ship based from the Port of Longview and carries grain from the terminal.  ITF Inspector and MUA […]